10 important things to know about Medicare Advantage.

Medicare C

1. You must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium.

Medicare then gives your premium to your Medicare Advantage plan to help pay for your additional coverage.

2. Joining a Medicare Advantage plan may affect your current coverage.

If you have existing coverage or employer-provided health insurance and plan to work past 65, check to see how joining a Medicare Advantage plan could affect or cancel your current coverage.

3. It’s best to use network providers.

Use of network health care and pharmacy providers is typically required. Using providers outside of the network may cost you more. In an emergency, you can use any provider.

4. You may qualify for financial assistance.

Depending on your financial situation, you may qualify for help paying your plan premiums or Part D medications through a low income subsidy or Extra Help.

5 If you enroll in Part D late, you may pay a penalty.

This is an additional amount charged by Medicare that will be added to your Part D premium if you go without Part D coverage for longer than 63 days in a row after your Initial Enrollment Period. Medicare Advantage plans that include Part D coverage meet Medicare coverage requirements.

6 A Medicare supplement insurance plan (Medigap policy) is not a Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare supplement plans are health insurance policies and are secondary to Original Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans combine Original

Medicare Parts A and B, and sometimes Part D, into a single plan.

7 Keep your member ID card handy.

Members must present their member ID card, not their Original Medicare card, when receiving services.

8 Medicare Advantage offers the same protections as Original Medicare.

Even though Medicare Advantage plans are privately administered, you still have the same rights and protections as with Original Medicare.

9 Medicare Advantage has you covered.

Medicare Advantage plans must cover all the services that Original Medi- care covers and may offer additional benefits. Important: Hospice care is still covered under Original Medicare. You may also receive more benefits
if you have TRICARE for Life or VA coverage. 

10 You have a built-in financial safety net.

Your plan’s annual out-of-pocket maximum is your safety net that ensures you’ll never pay more than a certain amount out of pocket in a given plan year for covered medical services.

Marvin C.
I am a life-time resident of the Los Angeles Area and a licensed health insurance representative.
March 6, 2016

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